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Bismarck Campus Students: Accessing Stoxen Library Resources

Collaborative Students

Students enrolled at both Dickinson State University (DSU) and Bismarck State College (BSC) (collaborative students) may use library resources and services at both institutions.

Faculty and staff employed by both DSU and BSC also have access to library resources and services at both institutions.

Students who are enrolled only in DSU classes taught on the BSC campus may use the BSC Library and its resources and services with the following limitations:

  • Students, faculty, and staff of DSU are welcome to use BSC Library facilities, including the library commons, study rooms, and reading room.
  • DSU students, faculty, and staff may make photocopies or computer printouts and use faxing services. There is a small charge for all of these services.
  • DSU students, faculty, and staff may borrow physical library materials (e.g., books and DVDs) from the BSC Library with a community library card. To obtain a community library card, users must present a North Dakota driver’s license (or similar proof of identification and residence in the state).
  • DSU students, faculty, and staff may use BSC Library electronic resources (e.g., online databases, ebooks) ON SITE. Remote access is not available to non-BSC students and non-BSC employees due to vendor licensing restrictions. There are no fee-for-access options for persons not affiliated with BSC.
  • DSU students, faculty, and staff who need interlibrary loan services should make requests through their home library, which is Stoxen Library.
  • Stoxen Library materials must be returned directly to Stoxen Library by the borrower.

Connecting to DSU Stoxen Library Resources on BSC Campus

As a Dickinson State University student on the Bismarck State College campus you may want to connect to the Wi-Fi that is available while on the BSC campus.

Bismarck State College has three network possibilities, BSC-Employees, BSC-Guest and NDUS-Systemwide.

If you have your computer set to “Join Network” and not set to “Ask to Join Networks,” you automatically connect to the BSC-Guest network. That network gives you access to only the Internet, not to any of the DSU library resources.

In order to access DSU library resources, students need to connect to the NDUS-Systemwide Network.

Here’s what the options look like:

This is from a Mac computer but PC computer users will see the same listing in their network connection. 



When you join the NDUS-Systemwide network, this is the window asking you to log in.


If you only get asked to “Accept” the connection, you are on the BSC-Guest network.

Two notes:

  1. Be sure your Pop Up Blockers are turned off.
  2. If you need help, please contact Stoxen Library at 701-483-2135 or send email to

Chat with a Librarian

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Head of Library Operations

Staci Green's picture
Staci Green
General email:
Stoxen Library
291 Campus Dr.
Dickinson, ND 58601
M-F: 8 am - 4:30 pm
701-483-2562 or main line: 701-483-2135

Can't Access Stoxen Library?

For students enrolled at both campuses in the same semester, there may be issues accessing online resources from both libraries. If you have problems accessing DSU library resources, please contact Stoxen Library for assistance.