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Linking to Library Resources: Home

A guide to assist in linking to content in Stoxen Library databases within Blackboard courses

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A permalink is a permanent link, a URL that points to a specific article or other online resource, that allows the reader to go right to the resource without needing to recreate the search.

There are many reasons to use permalinks.

  1. A permalink will always direct you toward the same information, while the URL in your address bar is dynamically generated for that particular search and will not work when copied and used later. This is particularly helpful if you want to revisit articles that you did not print out or otherwise save. You can store the permalinks in a Word document for later reference.
  2. Instructors occasionally want students to read an article that can be located in a library database. Uploading a PDF of the article could be a copyright violation. It is preferable to use a permalink.
  3. Permalinks also help track usage statistics. This helps the library make purchasing decisions.


To make sure that our resources are being used by DSU students, faculty, and staff, access to our databases is run through a proxy server. When on campus, the access is seamless because the proxy server recognizes the IP addresses. Off campus users will be prompted to log in using their Campus Connection credentials. You must include the library's proxy whenever you link to library resources.

The library's proxy address is

Some databases include this in the permalink already. Please check prior to posting your link.

Ex.: Below is a link to a video located in Films on Demand. Notice that the proxy comes before web address.

The location of the permalink varies depending on the resource you are using. It is usually indicated with the link symbol: Click on the picture within the resource to access and copy the permalink.

For more specific instructions on where to find the permalinks in the more commonly used databases, click the vendor tabs above.

If you have questions, please contact the library. There are a number of ways you can reach us.

  1. Come on down to Stoxen Library! We are happy to help you get the article linked.
  2. Give us a call. Our main line is 701-483-2135.
  3. Shoot us an email. We can be reached at
  4. Chat with us. Just click on the speech bubble in the Chat with a Librarian box to reach a staff member.

Adding Permalinks in Blackboard

If you wish to include a link in a forum post:

  1. Copy and paste your link into your post.
  2. Highlight the text of your link and click the hyperlink button.
  3. In the pop up, paste your link in the space next to Link Path.
  4. The default setting is for your link to open in the same window. If you would like it to open in another window, change the target using the drop down menu.
  5. Click insert to save the hyperlink.
  6. If you do not set up the hyperlink, people will need to copy and paste the web address into their browser to view the content.

Hyperlink button


If you wish to add a link as a content item to your course:

  1. Hover over Build Content, and select Web Link.
  2. Name the link and then provide the URL.
  3. Add any other information or parameters necessary to your purpose.
  4. Click Submit to publish the content item to your course.

Build Content

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